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Clothing Declutter, Closet Organization

In-Home Organizing

My organizing services include everything from decluttering and sorting to space planning, storage solutions, and product recommendations.  The goal is to create a functional, clutter-free environment that maximizes the use of available space while reflecting your personality and lifestyle.

Kitchen & Pantry








Packing Pack Unpack Unpacking Moving Help Organization Portland Maine

Moving Support

Half Full can support a move by helping with sorting, decluttering, space planning, packing, unpacking, home setup, and coordination with other service providers. They can make the moving process less stressful and more organized.

Sorting & Decluttering

Space Planning


Moving Coordination


Home Setup


AirBnB/ Rental Amenities Set Up

Half Full can optimized your short-term rental property income by setting up all amenities quickly and effeciently, without you having to travel to the location.  We provide a thorough inventory assessment, 
and efficient procurement and organization.  We'll handle the seamless procurement and meticulous organization of all necessary items, including towels, linens, kitchen/pantry essentials, and more.

Professional Home Organization Subscription

System Maintenance

Half Full can help you stay on track by providing ongoing support to ensure that the organization systems remain functional and effective over time.  This can include regular check-ins, touch-up sessions, and tweaks to the organization systems as needed.  Maintenance can also involve coaching and accountability to help you stay motivated and on track with your organizational goals.

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