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Why should I hire a professional organizer?

A professional organizer can help you edit, group, and maintain any corner of your home. Decluttering is hard work and people tend to have more emotional attachment to their things than they think.  Creating systems and organizing takes time.  It requires being able to see the "big picture" of your family's routines and needs, as well as the smaller details, it also requires patience.  A professional organizer is an objective partner there to support each step of the process. 

Bathroom Organization
Should I clean my space ahead of time?

No worries! It is important for me to see your space in your day to day life to create an organized space unique to your needs.  

Do I need to be present?

You will need to be present at our initial consultation.  During this time, we will review your space, expectations, and needs.  It can be helpful to partner with you during the editing process, but certainly not required.  The level of your involvement is up to you!

Will I have to throw everything away...

Absolutely not! Organizing is about simplicity-- it is about keeping what you love and what you need.  Organizing means finding a home for each item you choose to cherish.   As you look around your home, you might think, “I have nothing to give away,” until we really dig in.  Donating to local area resources is also an excellent option for items that no longer work for you.  

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